Treasure Island , a film written and directed by Francesco Petretti 52 min

Marettimo vista da Favignana

For 350 days a year it is impossible to approach the rocky shore on the western side of the island of Marettimo, in the archipelago of the Aegadian Islands, off the coast of Sicily.
In front is the open sea and, almost 120 km away, the coast of Africa. The slightest wind, and the sea begins to heave and the waves beat violently against the rocks.
This is one of the few places in the world where one of the Mediterranean’s most mysterious inhabitants, the storm petrel, breeds.
Very few have ever observed them or visited their breeding colonies and very few know for sure where these little seabirds spend their time when they are not busy nesting.
Even the fishermen, who are very familiar with shearwaters and gulls and the other inhabitants of their waters, know very little about storm petrels.