Wilditalyfilm is a series of films about Nature, Wildlife and the Environment produced by the company Diomedea studium srl, based in Rome.

Most films are in English and they have been directed by leading Italian Films Directors. The supervisor of the series is the Biologist and Author Dr. Francesco Petretti, who teaches Science Communication at the University of Molise.

He is member of the Scientific Committee of WWF and has been the head of the Biodiversity Program of the same association, dealing with protection of natural resources and endangered species. His films on Mediterranean wildlife have been awarded in Wildscreen Festival and Menigoute Film Festival. He has been member of the Species Survival Commission of IUCN (the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural resources) and of the Working Group on steppe birds of Birdlife.

The films are on sale and you can get information about purchase conditions, by contacting us. Please, look at the catalougue to read the synopsis of the film and watch the trailer of the film