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SALT PANS a film in the series The Land of Biodiversity duration 50 minutes

fenicotteri colonia


Nesting colony of flamingoes, one of the three main breeding colonies in Italian lagoons and salt pans shown in the new film of the series The Land of Biodiversity


GOLDEN EAGLE , in the forthcoming film ” Happy Birthday Park of AbruzzI!”


The Golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos is one of the many species of animals , and plants, which are described in the forthcoming film about the National Park of Abruzzi which is the oldest park in Italy, a treasure trove of biodiversity with a viable population of Brown Bears , Wolves and, of course, G...


THE EAGLE AND THE SNAKE 50 minutes, Full HD, French and English

The Snake Eagle photo

50 minutes, full HD
The film has been awarded in Menigoute film festival. It describes the entire life cycle of the Short toed Eagle or Snake Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) filmed by Francesco Petretti in different locations in Central Italy, e.g. Maremma and Tolfa Hills.
The amazing migratory habits, t...